Sunday, June 1, 2014

Workflow Tasks Emails Disabling

Assigning a task you may want to disable email sending to determine your own emails like in this thread. But what will you see at the task activity properties?

Answer: nothing. Only SendReminderEmail property which is not what you want.
If you'll look at the announced Service Pack 1 issues you will see the closed issue
  • E-mails generated by workflow cannot be disabled for approvals in SharePoint workflows.
 Yes, this is what you want. But I didn't find any changes in properties of a task after installing Service Pack 1. Maybe you did. If so, please send me email where you did that.

I had to go to the SMTP server and configure a filter by subject. For example, I've set task email subject as "Don't Send" and configured email server not to send emails with this subject from address "".
Sad but works.

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